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Slippy: Team Ocean

Whatâs a SLIPPY? We collect water bottles off the coast before they get to the ocean, turn them into yarn, and then use that yarn to knit the wonderful, reusable SLIPPY.Stops Bottle SWEAT - NO MORE iced latteâs dripping on your legs or soggying up your cup holder!Protects YOUR Hands - NO MORE burning your hands on hot coffee or hot mason jars.Fits EVERY Beverage - elastic is knit in throughout the SLIPPY, giving it the ability to stretch and fit coffee cups, pint glasses, cans, sippy cups, water bottles, wine glasses, you name it. FREE returns if it doesnât fit your beverage of choice. MADE IN AMERICA - Make a small environmental footprint and support your local community, from start to finish SLIPPIES, are made in North Carolina! Qnew Qhando Qkitchen Qearth

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